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In America today - one of that country's greatest plant-sales outlets reports that Camphor laurel trees should " not be grown (anywhere) in the United States" due to that country's land-ecosystems being "not adapted to Camphor' trees aggressiveness and toxicity". SURELY ANOTHER WARNING for the Australian authorities' further note that NOT ONLY is "Camphor use in Chinese medicine forbidden for pregnant women" is contraindicated for anyone having a deficiency of vital 'yin' energy ; hence, 'tough luck' indeed for any or all-fauna, especially southern hemisphere fauna species heavily reliant upon 'yang' energy, or 'lacking yin', but becoming 'addicted' to the narcotics in Camphor laurel trees!


According to (mainly about use of camphor in fireworks, known since 1836), all or any shipment or freighting by mail anywhere in the USA is "banned" - due to camphor's explosive potential, AS WELL as its known use in detonator devices!


The US Drug Enforcement Agency states that: "300 kilograms of Camphor oil can produce a million ECSTASY Tablets", and adds that in 2004 North American Police have now stopped all illicit 'university purchasing', and all-trading in large volumes of SAFROLE - the second-most 'deadly' carcinogenic compound found in around 50% of all-Camphor laurel tree bark in Australians in Sassafrass tree bark), after a number of university researchers atrted buying-up large volumes of Safrole (see also


Whilst the Camphor' tree may not ever grow there(depending on how hot the world gets with global warming!), Canada has effectively followed Germany's (2003) federal ban on all non-registered trade in and imports of Camphor; any camphor can be confiscated at airports in Canada, and Canada's Health Protection Branch has determined - along with 82 other herbs - that Camphor is banned from addition to any food/food additive (

Camphor POWERFUL IRRITANT and SENSITISER Martin Watt's webpage ( gives information on why camphor and its relative Cinnamon tree oils- and bark oil especially are "powerful irritants, and "an even worse sensitiser" (when added) to other products.